Augusta River Tours

Cruise the Blackwood River

Tours departing daily at 2pm from the Ellis St Jetty, located 400m from the centre of town. 10am tours may be available upon high demand.

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Cruise the Blackwood

On board the Dolphin Discoverer

Rich in history and amazing wildlife. Full guided tour by your skipper and guide, local man Graeme Challis.

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Cruise the Blackwood River

Enjoy a Cruise of the Beautiful Blackwood River and be entertained and informed with a guided tour of the unspoilt wetland eco system. From the River mouth to Molloy Island it is rich in history and teaming with wildlife.

The shallow waters, sandbanks and river islands are alive with an amazing variety of birdlife. It is a major feeding ground for Black Swans, Pelicans and Cormorants. There is 60 species of bird that have been seen, with some flying from the northern hemisphere.

A pod of resident Bottle-nose Dolphins is seen regularly and if not, busy fishing will play alongside the boat.

The Dolphin Discoverer is a safe, comfortable, all weather, purpose-built vessel with easy access and good viewing. Augusta River Cruises is licenced for 29 passengers it can be hired for private tours, sundowners, parties etc. So, get a group together.

Free rainwater is available onboard, but you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks. A Camera, Binoculars and a smile are recommended.

Tour Skipper and Guide Graeme Challis has grown up on the River with his Grandparents settling on the Blackwood in 1923 and with a family history of fishing the river he has plenty of local knowledge and stories to tell.


Ellis St Jetty daily at 2pm. 10am tours may be available upon high demand. 




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$35 Concession

$20 Children aged 2-16



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Tour Skipper and Guide

Graeme Challis has grown up on the River with his Grandparents settling on the Blackwood in 1923 and with a family history of fishing the river he has plenty of local knowledge and stories to tell.


The picturesque sea-side town or Augusta is known for its natural beauty and relaxed life style. It is where the largest river in the southwest finishes its 325km journey and the Oceans meet. And the best way to get a feel for the area is a River Tour on the Dolphin Discoverer.

Tours Depart from the Ellis st Jetty located 400m from the centre of town. You will journey towards the ever-changing river mouth and the place of the first British settlement in 1830. See the river front homes and maybe some kite surfers and pass the townsite of East Augusta a 56km journey by road but less than 1km by boat. There are several Islands in the River and being protected from predators they are a sanctuary for Birds.

The River then opens into the Hardy Inlet 5km wide and very shallow it is a bio diverse hot spot with fish, crustaceans and insects living in the shallow waters. White bellied Sea Eagles and Terns are ready to swoop and catch their food. Wading birds walk through the shallows picking up small Fish and Molluscs. Pelicans sifting through the weed or hanging around a fisherman waiting for an easy meal. Also perfect for Black Swans which can number over one thousand like the water to be as deep as the length of their neck and will consume 2.5 kg of Swan grass each per day. Some Migratory Birds such as the tiny Red-necked stint fly 10,000 km from Siberia to feed on the sandbanks at low tide.

The pod of Bottle -nose Dolphins are in the River year-round and even have their young in the River. It is quite special to see a mother and pup side by-side nurturing and protecting. The Dolphins have been seen over 30km upstream but will generally fish in the Hardy Inlet where they will work as a team and will herd the fish. They have been known to herd fish into set nets then swim around and pluck them out. If not to busy they will come along side the boat and play in the wake.

The River then narrows and deepens perfect for the Cormorants and Dater birds as well as the Musk Ducks these are the diving birds and their feathers are not water repellent great for diving as it makes them heavier, but they need to dry out to fly effectively. Going along the river close to the paperbark trees it is possible to see the nests of the darter birds.

There is a Jetty on the Southern Shores property which has a lovely shaded picnic area with some wooden tables and chairs. At a private charter request it can be a relaxing stop over with swimming and fishing possible as well as a BBQ.

A little further on is the Blackwood and Scott River meet forming the 160ha Molloy Island. A unique life style as it is only accessible to home owners by Barge. With over half the Island is reserve and the 2000sm blocks that are only partially cleared with native gardens the human footprint is as minimal as possible.

The Blackwood river is Navigable for a further 20km and the river banks are still in their pristine state apart from at the ski area and one private property there is no clearing. Charters can go as far as requested with pickup or drop-offs at Alexandra Bridge possible. This could be included in a Wine Tour of Glenarty Road or Hamelin Bay Wines.

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Ellis Street Jetty
Augusta, Western Australia


Ellis Street Jetty
Augusta, Western Australia



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